Catalyzing demand for the reuse of commercial building materials.

All For Reuse

All For Reuse is an initiative to develop a network of building professionals committed to the reuse of commercial building materials. Building material reuse is an overlooked solution to carbon reduction and local economic development.

The Challenge

Construction is extremely wasteful.

Over 2.5 billion square feet of commercial floor space are renovated each year.* Commercial interior renovation projects in the US send 32 million tons of waste to the landfill every year – much of it in like-new condition. We then replace those materials with similar ones, which had to be extracted, manufactured and delivered to the building.

The CO2 emissions are piling up. Building construction accounts for at least 11% of total CO2 emissions, and likely much more. Widespread reuse of commercial materials in the US could yield 20 megatonnes of CO2e reductions by 2050!

Become part of the solution

How might we put those like-new building materials to good use? By deconstructing, warehousing, and redistributing them to new projects that specify them.

We are pushing for monumental change in how commercial buildings are designed and constructed. This requires patience, collaboration, and most importantly, you! Regardless of where you are or what you do, we need everyone to be ALL for reuse.

Our Goals

Reduce Waste & Emissions

Your commitment can close the loop between disposal and production, reducing landfilling and eliminating emissions from extraction and manufacturing of new materials.

Foster New Circular Businesses

Your commitment to buying reclaimed will send a signal to the marketplace and encourage new enterprises to meet the demand, putting people to work while growing the green economy.

Accelerate the Rate of Change

We have no time to spare, and must act quickly to slow climate change. Your commitment will advance our shift to a circular economy much faster than through small incremental moves.

All For Reuse Vision

We envision a robust ecosystem servicing many material types and markets, that is powered by clear, sustained demand.

To get there, we want to leverage the power of the purse to accelerate the rate of change to a circular economy in building design and construction.

ALL projects will be evaluated as opportunities FOR REUSE.

ALL designers and builders will understand the process FOR REUSE.

ALL owners will commit to procurement FOR REUSE.

ALL FOR REUSE seeks commitments from owners/operators of large building portfolios to utilize some level of reclaimed materials in forthcoming projects: