Building Material Reuse: The Overlooked Solution to Carbon Reduction

Widespread reuse of commercial materials in the US could yield 20 megatonnes of CO2e reductions by 2050! Check out this poster created by Andrew Ellsworth, founder and CEO of Doors Unhinged, based on the LCA research conducted by the Carbon Leadership Forum estimating the embodied carbon of typical office space tenant improvements.

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Designing for Disassembly

Gensler Research Institute

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What's Old is New Again: Circumnavigating the Circular Economy

Gensler Research Institute

Getting to Zero Waste: Deconstruction + Material Reuse in Retail Architecture

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CoLabs CRTKL Research

March 2021

Accelerating the Circular

Economy Through

Commercial Deconstruction and Reuse

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Google and Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Kindred spirits in the work to scale up reuse of building materials. Go here to get to know the movers and shakers bringing much-needed attention to deconstruction and reuse.

The survey was distributed to receive feedback to focus and shape the priorities of the All For Reuse initiative, and identify who would like to be involved in the ongoing development and implementation.

Building Product Ecosystem's directory provides an interactive map of nationwide entities committed to creating healthier building ecosystems.

See actual projects that have employed reuse and learn more about how they did it.

Workshop resources include Powerpoint presentations from various All for Reuse workshops, as well as the general workshop worksheet.

A collection of external links and websites for further exploration into the inspiration and backing behind All for Reuse's purpose

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