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These are additional resources we recommend if you want to dive further into programs and tools that promote reuse in the built environment.

A collection of regional reuse resources and databases, including Bay Area Deconstruction Working Group, Designing for Diassembly, and many more.

"Our choices represent an enormous opportunity to improve the health of the planet and the people who live on it."

Improving air quality and reducing construction waste require identifying healthy building products. The Materials Pledge holds participating firms accountable for their building material choices.

"They play an important role in spurring new projects and setting project requirements."

A building owner's guide to reducing embodied carbon from the very start of a projec t to reduce costs, increase strategies, and emphasize the importance of carbon-reduction.

"Together, we can influence the design and construction of healthier buildings."

In order to appropriately and safely reuse building products, we need to know what they are made of. Transparency provides a gathering place for this information.

"Policymakers can help pave the way towards a low carbon, prosperous future."

A discussion on the circular economy in the building environment and its potential in Covid-19 recovery

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