Workshop #1 Objectives:

  • Familiarize participants with the local ecosystem

  • Share knowledge

  • Identify voluntary actions

  • Address pressing issues

  • Agree on a common pledge and individual actions

  • Send market signal that accelerates change

Explore workshop slides by section below. Use links under each section header to download slides as a PDF.

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Workshop General Info

WS#1 - general info.pdf

All for Reuse Quick Recap

WS#1 - All for Reuse recap.pdf

Bay Area Ecosystem

WS#1 - Bay Area ecosystem.pdf


WS#1 - Share-out.pdf

Survey and Other Findings

WS#1 - Survey & Other Findings.pdf

Reuse in Practice - Reimagining the Aesthetic

Reimagining the Aesthetic.pdf

Next Steps

WS#1 - Next Steps.pdf

Workshop Poll Results

Workshop #1 Poll Results.pdf