Workshop #2 Objectives:

  • Bay Area furniture reuse ecosystem

  • Challenge areas and solutions

  • Action plans

  • Further develop the pledge

Click here to view All for Reuse Furniture Reuse Resources in the Bay Area

Explore workshop slides by section below. Use links under each section header to download slides as a PDF.

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General Workshop Info

WS#2 General Info.pdf

AFR Recap

WS#2 AFR Recap.pdf

Furniture Reuse Resources

WS#2 Furniture Reuse Resources.pdf

Herman Miller rePurpose Program

WS#2 Herman Miller rePurpose Program.pdf


WS#2 ANEW.pdf


WS#2 ClearOffice.pdf


WS#2 Rheaply.pdf

SF Environment

WS#2 SFEnvironment.pdf

Brainstorming Breakout Room Results

WS#2 brainstorming breakouts.pdf

The Pledge, Action Plans, and Closing

WS#2 The Pledge, Action Plan, & Closing.pdf